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RC Welcomes New Jordan Program Director

We are thrilled to welcome Rima Yacoub as Reclaim Childhood's new Jordan Program Director to oversee the day-to-day programming and management of the organization in Jordan. With a remarkable background in communications, project management, social work, and community development, Rima has worked for a variety of nonprofits and grassroot organizations, including Ruwwad Al Tanmeya, King Hussein Cancer Center, and the Fiscal Reform Projects in Jordan. She holds a B.A. in American and English Literature from the University of Jordan and an M.B.A from the German Jordanian University.

Rima also participated in the U.S. Department of State’s Global Sports Mentoring Program in 2016 and has long been passionate about working at the nexus of athletics and female empowerment. As an active Jiu Jitsu competitor under the Dojo Academy, as well as a strength and conditioning trainer, Rima is interested in employing sports and teamwork as tools to educate, inspire, and foster youth development.

In Rima's words, "I am so happy and excited to be part of Reclaim Childhood and its great mission. Being a social worker and an athlete, I have been always a great believer in the power of sport as a tool for development. I do believe sport changes lives, especially for girls, it simply makes you stronger and relentless, physically, emotionally, psychologically and mentally. Having the opportunity to put my heart, knowledge and experience in the service of Reclaim Childhood’s vision and mission is something I am so proud of."

Welcome aboard, Rima!


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