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What We Do


RC gets girls out of the house and onto the field, working towards three main goals:

1) To provide a safe space where participants can “Reclaim Childhood” and just be kids.

2) To empower and inspire girls and young women, by employing the positive impact of sport and play to build socioemotional and life skills.

3) To connect diverse communities that otherwise may not interact – refugees and host community Jordanians alike.


All components of the program take place in female-only spaces, led by local and refugee women who act as mentors and role models for participants. More specifically, these components include our Afterschool Sports Program, Qudrati Teen Leadership Program, Summer Camp, and Coach Clinics.

After School Sports Program

Afterschool Sports Program

RC runs 28 weeks of afterschool sports programming throughout the year, serving 10+ neighborhoods in Amman and Zarqa and rotating between soccer, basketball, and ultimate frisbee. RC intentionally brings together diverse communities, offering underserved girls the chance to participate regardless of nationality or refugee status. Practices consist of both sport and teambuilding, as well as a focus on building socioemotional and life skills.


Qudrati Teen Leadership

Qudrati Teen Leadership Program

Qudrati means "my ability," which is the focus of the teen leadership program - helping RC participants ages 14 and up explore and expand on their own abilities. Girls meet on the weekends to discuss topics important to their lives and their communities. The goal: To build strong young leaders, both on and off the playing field.

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Summer Camp

Summer Camp

RC’s flagship programming continues today through four weeks of summer camp designed to keep girls engaged during their school break and combat the social isolation that increases outside of the school year. We're joined each summer by interns and volunteers from around the world. 

Coach Clinics

Coach Clinics

RC intentionally hires female coaches from diverse backgrounds, who then recruit program participants from their own communities. As part of its ongoing commitment to staff development, RC coaches gather before each season for trainings in coaching best practices, sports-based youth development, child protection, and other professional skills.

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