Coaches And Staff

Reem Neyaz

Amman Head Coach

Reem joined the RC team in summer 2016. She sees sport as a powerful tool for overcoming the hardship of war and trauma, and views her role as more than “just” a sports coach: she loves being a mentor and a role model for girls. In 2017, Reem was awarded the OCHA Humanitarian of the Year award for her work at RC. In addition to her role as Amman Head Coach, Reem is responsible for players in Marka Janoobia and Marka Shemalia in Amman.

Wala'a Abu Shihab

Zarqa Head Coach

Wala'a started working for RC in 2012 and has been an invaluable part of the team ever since. Walaa dedicates her personal and professional life to football. She's an avid footballer and, in addition to RC, she coaches with  FC Zarqa and PACES. She sees the impact of sports beyond just the playing field - she strives to impart ethics, positivity, fitness, and life skills through football. Originally from Sukhna Camp herself, Wala'a works with players from Sukhna and Zarqa Camp

Rasha al-ghuwari

Zarqa Coach and

Teen Program Mentor

Rasha joined RC in Summer 2016. She views coaching as a way to support girls physically and emotionally, both on and off the field. Rasha hopes to give girls tools to "change the negatives in their lives to positives." She's an advocate for keeping girls in the program and is known for building relationships with parents. Rasha works with players in the Jabal Abyad and New Zarqa neighborhoods of Zarqa.

Dua'a Barahmeh

Zarqa Coach and

Teen Program Mentor

Dua'a was one of RC's founding coaches in 2008. She left RC to focus on her job as a gender officer role at Save the Children and returned to RC in fall 2017 to coach and lead the teen program in Zarqa. A believer in strong women's leadership, Dua'a's focus areas are in gender sensitivity, female empowerment, and combating violence against women. In addition to her teen coordinator role, Dua'a brings players from the Jabal Tariq neighborhood of Zarqa.

Wala'a Al-Samarae

Amman Coach and Teen Program Mentor

Wala'a joined the RC team in the summer of 2016 and has been a fixture at Amman practices ever since. Known by coaches, players and volunteers for energy, humor and excellent English, Wala'a never fails to bring the smiles to the field. Originally from Iraq, Wala'a now lives in Amman with her family and serves the Hashmi Shemali, Jabal Hussein, and Hussein Camp neighborhoods.

Fathia Musse

Amman Coach and Teen Program Mentor

Fathia joined the RC Team in Summer 2018. She comes from a background of psychosocial case management and English education. In her spare time, she takes Spanish classes, watches old films in English and practices her basketball skills. We're excited to have her as a new addition to the team! 

Hanan Kadra

Amman Coach

Hanan joined the RC team in January 2017 and has never looked back. She loves finding ways to combine sport and Islam, and finding ways for girls to play no matter what their religious or cultural background. Originally from Syria, Hanan now lives in Amman with her husband and three sons. She works with Syrian girls from the Marka Janoobia neighborhood.

Yasmine Owaimer

Zarqa Coach

Yasmine joined the RC coaching staff after eight years as a player and two as a volunteer. She's excited that she is able to coach her two younger sisters, Ayat and Marwa, who are also involved in the RC Program. Yasmine's favorite sports are basketball and soccer. Off the playing field, Yasmine enjoys practicing English as well as watching Bollywood films. She even learns the dances! 

Jessie Wyatt

Director of Jordan Programs

Jessie graduated from Harvard University in 2016 and spent a year working at a bakery in Amman. She first started volunteering with RC in fall of 2016 and took on her role as Director of Jordan Programs in Summer 2017. Originally a lacrosse and ice hockey player, Jessie developed a love for frisbee. In her spare time, she loves hiking anywhere she can, baking cookies, and checking out new shawarma stands -- she prefers her shawarma with pomegranate sauce and cheese.

Anna Barrett

Executive Director

Anna joined the Reclaim Childhood team in 2018 after working with sport for development organizations in South Africa, the U.S., and across Latin American and the Caribbean. Anna graduated with a M.A. from the Fletcher School at Tufts University and a B.A. from Dartmouth College, where she was a member of the soccer team. While soccer was her first love, ice cream is a close second. 

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