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Last summer, we asked our girls - typically 8-14 years old and refugees from Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Sudan as well as local Jordanians - about the impact Reclaim Childhood has on them. We heard words such as happy, self-confidence, friendship. Impact words. We see impact of sports on ourselves, too. Sports have made us all better people and have brought our team together to run the 150 miles from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea on March 8. The impact of sports also connects us to RC's girls. To prove it, each Dead2Red runner has picked an "impact word" spoken by an RC girl and shared a personal story that embodies the power of sports.  

These are their stories. 

We hope that you have your own story about the positive impact of sports. We ask for your support as we run the 2018 Dead2Red Race and for your help to further Reclaim Childhood's mission to bring the power of sports to those who need it most. 

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Ladd Hamrick

Active | فعال

If I had to pick one word to describe my childhood, it would be active. I was lucky to have a backyard, a driveway basketball hoop and a willing and relentless competitor, my twin brother. When we weren’t going at it behind the house (or sometimes in it), our parents shuttled us around to a dizzying assortment of soccer, swimming, tennis, golf, football and lacrosse practices. When our 8:30pm bedtime rolled around, we never put up a fight, collapsing in euphoric exhaustion and waking up to do it all over again. Sports filled my formative years with active play. More and more, I appreciate the impact simply being active has on my health and happiness, especially as the balance of my life has tilted away from sports. This appreciation fuels my strong belief that every kid should have the right to play.

Last year on a soccer field in Amman, 50 screaming RC girls whooshed past me on to the soccer field leaving me in a wake of joy and happiness. It brought me back to my childhood, when my brother and I would race to finish our homework and then sprint out the backdoor to shoot hoops, run routes or kick the soccer ball around. That connection has stuck with me. It pushes me to help RC bring active play through sports to those who need it most. And it will push me down the Dead Sea Highway in a few weeks, just like the tailwind those 50 girls blew by me last year.

Brandan Rivard

Confidence | واثق بالنفس

Less than a minute to go. I was in an unfamiliar spot, watching from the sideline with no control over the game as the season was winding to an end. I had one goal coming into the game and I knew my window was closing fast. I called time out as my ten 3rd and 4th graders gathered around me, listening intently as I drew up the play. We put our hands in and yelled “Team”. I whispered you got this as Hannah looked at me nervously and quietly replied “I’ll try”. In her first year playing basketball, she had shown up to every practice with a positive attitude and worked hard to improve, but was still yet to score a point all season. Play resumed and our point guard dribbled up the court with our four other players lined up together on one side of the hoop. Suddenly, three of them sprinted across to the other side of the court. In the chaos, all four of the defenders followed, leaving Hannah alone, wide open, next to the hoop. Hannah caught the pass, turned and shot. Swish. I’ll never forget the smile on her face as all of her teammates ran to celebrate with her as the buzzer went off. We lost the game by 20 points, but anyone watching would have thought we had just won the championship.

By participating in sports, I gained confidence and came to believe in myself by developing resilience through failure and humility through success. I’ve learned that sometimes you can surprise yourself and accomplish things you didn’t believe were achievable – all it takes is the confidence to say “I’ll try”.

Julia Diaz

Teamwork | عمل جماعي

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Erin Neumann

Challenge | تحدي

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Katherine Fischer

Empower | تمكين

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Emmeline Zhao

 Inspire | بتلهمني

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Julia Cobb

Friendship | صحبة

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Jordan Ritenour

Freedom | حرية

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Sam Krieg

Strong | قوي

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Becca Nichols

Girl Power | قوة البنات

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Bryan Rivard

Equality | عدالة

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Peter Christiani

Role Model | مثلي الاعلى

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