Goals for Girls

Supporting refugee athletes, one goal at a time

Are you a college or high school athlete interested in supporting and connecting with refugee athletes in Jordan?

Through the RC Goals for Girls program, college and high school teams in the United States connect with RC teams in Jordan through partnership and sponsorship.

It works like this: US athletes collect small-dollar pledges -- for example $5 per goal scored (or $0.25 per run in softball, or $0.10 per kill in volleyball -- all sports have goals, and all goals go a long way!) over the course of a season. Parents, friends, alumni, and supporters can all participate in the pledge. The funds go directly to supporting uniforms, coaches, buses, and equipment for refugee teams in Jordan.

Over the course of the season, RC sends participating teams regular updates on the refugee teams they're supporting and on how their funds are being spent. RC is proud to partner with teams around the country - click here to see our Fall 2018 participating teams!

Interested in signing up? To register, email admin@reclaimchildhood.org for more information.

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